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An Indie Film company operating in the USA in California and in Asia from our studio on Okinawa Japan

RAFilms founded in 1999 following the Director, Bob Avery's retirement from Law Enforcement; created with the idea of telling stories, not only about Street Gangs that he was assigned to work with. The idea of telling Visual, Graphic Stories, gritty, sometimes dramatic, but all very real, down to the core of everyday life.

The director teamed with his Okinawan wife, Kinuye Oshiro, in 2002, to expand into Asia. With her video production studio "Silk Dragon Productions" they began the concept of visual stories of interest & controversy of Okinawa the main island of the former "Ryukyu Kingdom". This former Kingdom covered the vast area from the Amami Archipelago to the North, just south of Japan itself, & stretched S/W to within easy reach of Taiwan from the islands of Miyako jima, Iriomote jima, and Ishigaki jima, which are part of the Yaeyama Archipelago. The history of this fascinating Ryukyu Kingdom can only make you want to learn more and that is our objective.

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