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The Filmmakers Bob Avery

Independent Film Maker Director
Bob grew up in Los Angeles, attending high school in South Central L.A, surfing by day and roaming the streets at night with gang members. At the wise age of 17, he realized that he didn't want his life to head down a perilous path and left this life behind.

Following high school, Bob enlisted in the US Army & became a member of an Elite Special Ops unit stationed on Okinawa Japan at Torii Station. Some of Bobs adventures have been captured by the historians noting the activities of the "Okinawa Tunnel Rats", those who ventured into the Historic WWII battlefields in search of remnants of the battles.

After the Army, Bob focused his career in law enforcement where he worked with both LAPD & Fresno County Sheriff's Dept. with a short stint with the US Treasury Dept returning to Fresno where he supervised an Anti-Street Gang Unit becoming interested in turning his filming of gang activities into a Documentary.

Following retirement, he attended classes at the American Film Institute, in Los Angeles to learn about filmmaking. In 1999, Bob held a key role in the production of the Student Film Project, on a script he submitted, titled "Smugglers Blues"; then following the encouraging words of a "Hallmark Hall of Fame" Director, Bob pursued classes and workshops to learn the art of Directing rather than just being a "Shooter"

Bob completed his first major project, a documentary titled "Welcome to our Hood" using footage he shot while he was still in law enforcement. The documentary screened with the NYIIFVF in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and NY City winning several awards.

In 2002, production began on a short dramatic film "Cat in the River" with writer/producer Joanne Kimura. Bob shot the film in and around Fresno Ca on a budget of less than 200 dollars. Bob Directed filmed & edited. The story was finally completed in 2009 when the film screened in Los Angeles and NY, winning a "Best Coming of Age" Award.

In 2002 Bob teamed with his wife, Kinuye Oshiro, on a new project, putting Cat in the River on hold while they were on Okinawa Filming and scouting locations for stories. It was during this period in 2004 that a Military Helicopter crashed into the Okinawa International University. His wife suggested they turn their cameras on this dramatic event which had set off a firestorm of protests over an American Military Base, the Futenma Air Station, which had been designated to have been closed years before. The documentary was screened in 2006 in Los Angeles and NY, winning "Best Historical Documentary" in New York.

Several other projects are in the works; A Historical Documentary on the History of the Ryukyu Kingdom, & dramatic stories as well.


"Welcome to our Hood"~ 2002
~ Bronze Telly Award
~ Communicator Award of Excellence
~Videographer Award of Excellence
For the re-mix of this story.
"Why Okinawa? Messages from the People" 2006
~ "Best Historical Documentary" New York City
~ Classic Gold Telly Award 2009
~ Communicator Award of Excellence
~ Videographer Award of Excellence
"Cat in the River" 2009
~ Videographer Award of Distinction
~ Communicator Award of Distinction
NYIIFVF "Best Coming of Age Story"

The Filmmakers Kinuye "Kiki" Oshiro-Avery

Independent Film Maker Director
Kinuye "Kiki" Oshiro-Avery was born in the village of Nakadomari Okinawa on the East China Sea.

She attended Elementary School through the 4th grade until her Mother re-married an Marine Combat Medic who brought Her mother, herself & little brother Akihiro to the USA in 1970.

Kinuye "Kiki" as her friends called her attended school in first in NC, then in Los Angeles. She attended college where she obtained an AA Degree in Business.

Kiki worked for her Step-Fathers business of "Catalina Swimwear" where she developed an interest in design as she handled the accounting for the business.

Kiki was an avid Seamstress creating many designs of her own and got into filmmaking when she married Robert Avery who noticed her keen eye for all aspects of filming and her talent for Still Photography.

Kikis hobbies of making & designing miniature furniture as well as Japanese Ikebana, "flower arranging" made many people happy with her creations. Kiki is also a talented self taught artist, painting in traditional Japanese Fashion with her intricate artistic skills.

In 2004 while visiting Okinawa and filming a Travel Documentary, she heard about the crash of a Military Helicopter into the Okinawa International University and suggested they take their cameras and do a story about this base that has been called "The most dangerous Military Base in the World"

Two & a half years of filming led to the story...

"Why Okinawa? Messages from the People"

This story screened with the New York International Film & Video Festival in 2006 in Los Angeles and New York City, winning "Best Historical Documentary" in New York City.

Current projects in Post Production are a Documentary on the History of Okinawa drom the days of the Ryukyu Kingdom to the present.

Future projects include a "noir" dramatic story written by an Okinawan Woman as well as a story still in book form co-written by both Kiki & her husband; a fictional story based on Historical events in Japan with a modern setting in Los Angeles, involving a mysterious criminal event, based in part from Kikis Husbands years of work as a Police Investigator, which gave birth to this story, sure to garner interest from both sides of the globe.


Why Okinawa? "Messages from the People"
~ "Best Historical Documentary"
NYIIFVF 2006 (New York City)
~Classic Gold Telly Award 2009
~ "Communicator Award of Excellence"
~ "Videographer Award of Excellence"
"Cat in the River" 2009
~ "Videographer Award of Distinction"
~ "Communicator Award of Distinction"
~ "Best Coming of Age Short Story"
NYIIFVF (New York City)
Member of IAVA~ International Academy of the Visual Arts.
Member NPPA ~ National Press Photographers Association.

Japanese Translator Sakiko DiNapoli

Independent Film Maker Director
RAFilms and Silk Dragon Productions Okinawa Japan is proud to welcome our Newest Staff Member, Sakiko DiNapoli as Japanese Translator among other Duties.

Sakiko is a 2009 graduate of the Okinawa International University with a degree at The department of British and American Language and Culture; also certified as a Japanese Language Instructor. She speaks fluent English as well as German.

Sakiko is available to do freelance Japanese Translations on a "Selective" basis. Feel free to contact her through our Contact us page.
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